Chestnut Scaffa

P2 - Chestnut Scaffa

A Day Late for Bastille Day

We may be one day late, but I’m not sure you could make a better cocktail to commemorate the French holiday. I challenged Chris to make something tasty using only French ingredients and I have to say – I was not disappointed.

He started with Courvoisier as the base – a good start. Then he dug back into the depths of his backbar and found a liqueur I hadn’t seen in years.

The Chestnut Liqueur was one we bought at a tiny village market somewhere near Limoges in France. We were visiting family about five years ago, and the liqueur was made by a local using the chestnuts that fell every fall in the region. It’s sweet and nutty and the perfect companion to the Cognac Chris’d chosen.

But wait – you’re done!

Tasting these two together was all we needed. This cocktail is done. It was one of those moments when you taste something so great you don’t even dare add ice!

… and so this Chestnut Scaffa was born… and quickly disappeared. (I’m lucky I got a few photos before it was gone!)

I think this combination would work with most nut liqueurs, like Nocino or possibly Amaretto. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t have Chestnut liqueur on hand. If you do find yourself in any small French villages this fall, however – definitely keep your eye out and grab a bottle if you can!

P1 - Chestnut Scaffa

Chestnut Scaffa is a post from: A Bar Above Mixology


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