Daily News: Cocktail Delivery Service, Alcohol You Can Inhale and Official Duff Beer

duff beer on a shelf

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-osphere.

– In addition to a mounting economic crisis, Venezuela is also facing a terribly-timed beer supply shortage and may run out in August.

– In most scenarios, 140% humidity would mean a sweaty nightmare; at one new London bar, it equates to one big, breathable cloud of booze.

– Attention, fans of The Simpsons: official Duff beer will be hitting shelves later this month.

– For when you’re feeling too lazy to even go to a bar: The first 24-hour cocktail delivery service has launched in the UK, offering drinks mixed out of a camper-turned-mobile-pub.

[Photo: Flickr/Matt Janicki]


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