The Rum Drop

P1 - The Rum Drop

A Brunch Emergency

A couple of weeks ago we were having a family brunch and ran out of orange juice for mimosas. (Disaster!) Chris quickly sprung into action and found a great way to use all of that left over sparkling wine. He replaced the orange juice with Cointreau and then added rum for good measure. (Because – why not?)

Brunch was saved, and this delicious drink was the result! It turns out his cocktail comes very close to a cocktail called the “Ball Drop” – I guess great minds think alike!

Planning brunch?

The next time you’re planning a boozy brunch, definitely consider this (or the Ball Drop, of course) for your beverage menu – it’s definitely stronger than a mimosa, but a great alternative to the Bloody Mary for any folks who prefer something on the sweeter side.

P3 - The Rum Drop

The Rum Drop is a post from: A Bar Above Mixology


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