Daily News: Protein-Packed Beer, Greek Exit Vodka and Mustache Wax Cocktail Pairings

mustache bourbon barrels

All the News That’s Fit to Drink: your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-osphere.

– A German entrepreneur is encouraging people to toast Greece’s possible eurozone exit with a lemon vodka schnapps called Grexit, which will cost as little as €0.59 a bottle.

– The latest in cocktail pairings: Johnnie Walker has launched a line of mustache waxes designed specifically to complement their Johnnie & Ginger cocktail.

– Looking to bulk up? Consider reaching for a Mighty Squirrel lager, the first beer to offer five grams of protein, now on sale in Boston.

– Bourbon-lovers, rejoice: There’s currently 5.7 million barrels in Kentucky’s distillery warehouses, more than there’s been in 40 years.

[Photo: Flickr/Jack Zalium]


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