P1 - Daiquiri 2

A Daquiri?

You may be asking yourself – a Daiquiri? How on earth has A Bar Above not already made a Daiquiri cocktail?

And you wouldn’t be alone. When we realized we’d somehow overlooked this simple, classic summer drink we knew we immediately had to solve this problem. And solve it we did!

A Tad Unrefined

I like to think of the Daiquiri as the Margarita’s somewhat unrefined little brother. Both are types of “Sours” and both use lime + sweetener + spirit. Where they differ is the Classic Margarita has triple sec (or in the case of Tommy’s Margarita, you’ll skip the triple sec and swap the sweetener for Agave nectar.) The Daiquiri, on the other hand, skips the fancy liqueurs and sweeteners and gets straight to the point.

This is a rum cocktail, and it’s all about the rum.

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So the next time you want something a bit sweet, a little unrefined and a lot delicious – consider the Daiquiri. It’s not just for slushy machines anymore!

P2 - Daiquiri 2

Daiquiri is a post from: A Bar Above Mixology


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