Cold Night in Charantes

P3 - Cold Night in Charantes

Some folks get excited about Golf.

Other people like sports, or shoes or baby sloths.


Chris likes Vermouth.

So when the folks at La Quintinye Vermouth Royal told me about their recent launch and offered us a sample, I was very excited to get some brownie points with Chris, and taste this new Vermouth!

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal is made with Pineau des Charantes – a fortified wine made with fresh grape juice and cognac, plus a blend of botanicals. The resulting Vermouth is truly amazing. I had a taste and nearly skipped the cocktail altogether – it’s that good on its own.

Cold Night in Charantes

The goal with this cocktail was to make a cocktail that doesn’t overwhelm the Vermouth, the star of the show. I think Chris did a really great job. He chose Papa Pilar’s rum because he felt the maple finish worked nicely with the hard spice and cinnamon flavors in the vermouth, then added Fernet to add a touch of bitterness and counter-balance the sweetness in the drink, while adding yet another layer of herbal notes on top.

P2 - Cold Night in Charantes

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal has three styles, all using the same 12 base botanicals. We used the Rouge for this cocktail, but there are Blanc and Extra-Dry Vermouths in the line as well.

If you can find it, I say give any of these three a try! Before you make this cocktail, give the Rouge a try “neat” – I really enjoyed it!

Cold Night in Charantes is a post from: A Bar Above Mixology


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