Carlsberg Adds Seven Craft Beers For 2015

Danish brewing conglomerate, Carlsberg, has added seven craft beers to their roster for 2015 – listed below – joining the more than 500 beers the company controls worldwide, making them the fifth-largest brewing company in the world.


Carlsberg’s Crafty Seven for 2015:

Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale – Tank 7 is a strong, yet crisp and refreshing beer that combines American hops with the fermentation aromas and flavors of Belgian Saisons. Alcohol content – 8.5%.

Fuller’s Frontier – Frontier is blend of high quality new-world hops and the traditional brewing style. Alcohol content – 4.5%.

Grimbergen Blonde – A slightly fruity Belgian ale from the Belgian brewery Carlsberg already owned. Alcohol content – 6.7%.

Jacobsen Saaz Blonde – Brewed according to Belgian traditions with a fruity aroma and dry notes of angelica root, clove and coriander. Alcohol content – 7.1%.

Lagunitas IPA – The well-known India Pale Ale from Petaluma, California is now part of the Carlsberg Group. Alcohol content – 6.2%.

St Austell Brewery Korev – Brewed in Cornwall, UK, this Helles-style lager is the first lager St Austell Brewery has brewed and is produced as a traditional lager. Alcohol content – 4.8%.

Thornbridge Twin Peaks – Another UK-based beer – this time brewed in Bakewell, Derbyshire – has a distinct aroma of tropical fruits. Alcohol content – 5%.

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