New Gin Infused with 6,000 Foraged Ants Is a Reality

redwood ant

For the adventurous drinkers out there, with an affinity for snake whiskey and scorpion vodka, this new Anty Gin may be right up your alley. Distilled from an infusion of over 6,000 foraged red wood ants, the gin—which was created as a collaboration between The Cambridge Distillery and Copenhagen’s Nordic Food Lab—was born out of the growing interest in red wood ant flavor, reports Adweek.

The gin is citrusy in taste thanks to the formic acid the ants spray from their abdomens on anything they see as a threatening, while the pheromones the ants produce also apparently add a unique flavor. One of those people with a growing interest in red wood ant flavor? Act fast. Only 99 bottles of the gin are up for grabs, at around  $310 a bottle. [Adweek] [Photo:]


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