Irish single malt 1991 (Whisky Mercenary)

The 2014 hype of (independent) Irish single malts is still alive and the most peculiar drams are from the batch of peated spirit produced at Bushmills in 1991.

A lot of these casks have found their way to Belgian bottlers. The Whisky Mercenary now presents its own selection, exclusive to in Leiden (NL) and The Single Malt Whisky Shop in Zammel (BE).

Irish single malt 1991 - peated - Whisky Mercenary - WhiskysiteIrish single malt 1991 – peated (52,2%, The Whisky Mercenary for & Fisser 2015)

Nose: a very short peaty impression, but then wham! A whole truck of grapefruit is dropped in, both the yellow ones and the pink ones. Also passion fruit sherbet and kiwi, hints of green banana skin and white grapes. Some waxy / resinous notes. A little mint, vanilla and subtle camphor. Mouth: spearmint at first, which stays strong throughout the whole dram. Sweet banana underneath, as well as mango and apricots in syrup, but the peaty notes are slowly taking over. A little green tea with grapefruit and camphor again. Though not a peat bomb, it may be the peatiest of the 1991’s I’ve tried. Finish: long, showing mild chili, nutmeg and a bit of minty dryness.

It’s funny how this one changes. I’ve tried it three times in different glasses. Sometimes I thought there was too much peat on the palate, but on other occasions it seemed just right. Some people think these Irish are too fruity – they should try this one. Excellent stuff. Around € 200, on sale this Saturday.

Score: 91/100


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